Public liability insurance


Public liability insurance (PLI) covers claims made against you by third parties who have been injured or whose property has been lost or damaged due to your negligence. PLI can be used as a precaution and is also increasingly a requirement for those who work in schools and other Local Authority venues.

Please note this insurance is for SoA members only. Your insurance policy will run from the date we process your purchase to your next membership renewal date. After that it will renew every 12 months alongside your membership.

The scheme is run by Imaging Insurance, and is only available to members of the SoA, who are UK residents with a valid email address.

When purchasing insurance products through us, confirmation of your order does not indicate a commencement of cover. Your cover will not start until our underwriters have processed it. If you need cover urgently, please email us at or call 020 7373 6642 so we can discuss your requirements. For further details, please email our membership team at or call 020 7373 6642.

Public liability insurance
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